If your latest job or personal affair asks you to become a frequent flyer, you will need to set up a routine that will make constant air travel less stressful.

People look in dismay every time they hear the word “routine.” It sounds like a chore, like an obligation and it puts them in a defensive position, at least psychologically.

However, when it comes to frequent flying, you will not survive without a well-planned, strategic routine. Think of it as a plan that saves you from losing flights, losing sleep and losing your mind at the end of the day.

Here are some of the most common things that frequent flyers incorporate into their routines to make regular air travel seem like a piece of cake!

Book everything in advance

One of the best tips on frequent flying that will help you develop a healthy routine is booking everything in advance. We are not referring to your flight fare and your accommodation only, but absolutely everything that is involved in your itinerary.

Do not rely on finding a taxi randomly passing on your street on the day of departure. The same way, do not wait to reach your accommodation to find a suitable restaurant to eat.

Book a shuttle from your home to the airport and from the destination airport to the hostel in time.

Make some research on the hotel where you will stay. Have them wait for you with breakfast, lunch or dinner ready when you arrive. If they do not serve meals, look for local restaurants and place your order in advance.

Stay sober

Some people believe that the key to frequent flying is getting drunk before hopping on the plane. That is a terrible idea that will ruin your routine and make your entire trip feel like a nightmare.

Staying sober allows you to stay in control of your choices. It helps you stay hydrated, rested and ready to comply with your entire itinerary.

On the other hand, if you get drunk, you may miss a transport shuttle or even your flight. It may get you in trouble with authorities, other passengers and transform your frequent flying career into a one-hit-wonder.

Have a backup plan

As a frequent flyer, the worst thing that it can happen to you besides some fatally hazardous accident is a flight delay or a flight cancelation.

If your airline delays your flight unreasonably or cancels it abruptly for illogical reasons, you may claim Wizz Air compensation for your losses and inconveniences.

Your best choice is to work with a professional firm in the field. You can book their services ahead and have them do the nitty-gritty work for you while you continue with your frequent flying lifestyle.

The best thing about this service is that you don’t have to pay them anything until your case is deemed successful against the airline.

As a frequent flyer, you need this type of safe and convenient backup plan that will get you out of stressful situations.